• Art Is My Weapon Closing Reception- African American Heritage Museum

    Art Is My Weapon Closing Reception- African American Heritage Museum

    An image of the closing reception of AIMW held at The African American Heritage Museum in St.Paul Minnesota. Nikki McComb (pictured in the yellow jacket), has worked tirelessly to organize these events. Also on display was a powerful exhibition of images taken during the George Floyd protests.The next exhibition will be at the Cargill Gallery in Minneapolis.The date has been moved back due to Covid.

  • An image of the Emma Collab website. Plans are in the works for the 2022 event!

  • Emma International Collaboration

    Emma International Collaboration

    Emma International Collaboration is an event I have been to 3 times. I attended in 2012,2014,and 2018. Unfortunately, our 2020 event was postponed due to Covid. I am looking forward to the 2022 event. This is an event I truly love, as it has given me the opportunity to work with artists from around the world in a collaborative setting. The atmosphere is relaxed and new friendships are forged at each event.

    The event site is in the Boreal forest in Big River, SK Canada. Tools are shipped in for every participating discipline. Our work areas are set up by the group and materials are on site for the artists to use. Artists are not limited to only working in their area,as this collaborative event encourages working across mediums. It is not uncommon for a piece to have been touched by 8-10 artists before it is considered "finished" and ready for the auction in Saskatoon. Work is selected for the Saskatoon auction and it is shipped back to Saskatoon where it is photographed so online buyers can also have a chance at buying the work.

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  • Upper Iowa University -Intersect

    Upper Iowa University -Intersect

    Intersect- At Bing Davis Memorial Gallery- Closes May 14th

  • Art Is My Weapon-Closing Reception- African American Heritage Museum

    Art Is My Weapon-Closing Reception- African American Heritage Museum

    My piece "Gunned Down" is being shown at the current Art Is My Weapon exhibition at the African American Heritage Museum in Minneapolis.
    This piece (center of this image with the broken firearm, text, and 3D printed bullets), was made after reading an article in which a victim was senselessly "gunned down", as described in the media. The laser engraved text contains headlines that use "gunned down." It struck me how common this was, and how little media coverage many of these cases received, as every case is tragic and the victims often receive little more than a mention before the next news cycle moves in to wash away the news from the day before, making room for the next wave of headlines containing the same words: gunned down. This piece is meant to bring attention to these victims. It is my hope that we continue to engage in these important conversations around gun violence, and I will contribute to this cause as long as I am able.

  • Central Academy of Fine Arts Talk, Beijing

    Central Academy of Fine Arts Talk, Beijing

    On this trip, I visited with undergraduates working in the 3D area at the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing. This visit also included an hour-long artist talk. The visit lasted 2 days and this time allowed me to view many exhibitions in Beijing as well as the many student exhibits at CAFA. My host took me to The Great Wall and Forbidden city,two experiences I won't soon forget. I took the bullet train to Shanghai where I was able to visit nearly every art district in the city. B While in Shanghai, I took advantage of their world-class rail system to view art in galleries across the city. Of special interest was the Shanghai Screens Collective performance at Tongji University of Art and Design. Shanghai was filled with colors and imagery that seem to never stop moving, as screens are everywhere and the pace of the city is intense. I hope to return soon!