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Renee Gresham
Renee Gresham
yarn,cnc cut plywood

Made for the Fashioniture assignment.

Brief description of the assignment:

For this project, you will construct a small stool or bench type object that seats at least one person. At least 50% of the piece should be made from clothing and or accessories.

Examples of usable material:
Belts, leather or any other synthetic used to make belts, buckles
Shoes- rubber, cork, wood from the high heel section , leather, synthetic, laces
Pants- denim, leather, zippers,buttons,
Hats, either salvaged or new hat making materials- hatsupply.com is a great source for hat fabrics and bodies.
Military clothing- CC Military surplus is a great resource for anything military
Work uniforms
Handbags, purses, cigarette holders, hair accessories